The Birthing Bag

A complete kit for all of your lama birthing needs ready when you need it for the expected and unexpected delivery. Made of durable Dupont Cordura Nylon.
The Birthing Bag's main compartment opens on three sides and is large enough for a blanket and towels. The side storage pocket is designed with lots of elastic hold downs to keep the supplies and equipment organized and easily accessible. The Birthing Bag comes complete with the basic supplies and equipment for premature, normal and dystocia deliveries.
CBB $155.00

image Cria Coat
Made of water resistant cordura nylon and lined with a layer of Thinsulate insulation followed by a layer of polar fleece to keep your cria warm and dry. Adjustable front and bottom closings to accommodate a growing cria. Washable.
Colors: Red, teal, green, royal blue, raspberry

CCL Llama cria $32.00
CCA Alpaca cria $32.00

Cria Sling & Scale
This portable 50 lb. hanging scale in 1 lb. increments is very reliable and dependable. The heavy nylon sling (19.5" x 12") has reinforced stitching and is easily cleaned. A perfect way to easily weigh and monitor your cria's weight during those first important weeks of life.
CSS $71.95

image Cria Sling & Digital Hanging Scale
A digital scale that accurately measures up to 50 lbs. in 1/10 lb. increments. Uses a lithium battery which never requires replacement. The digital display is large and easy to read. The large plastic case is made of ABS plastic making it quite durable and it is completely sealed to prevent damage due to dampness or moisture.

SD $75.00

Cria Sling Only CSL $35.00
Cria Scale Only CSC $19.00
Digital Scale Only CSD $39.95

Pritchard Teat
Specialty designed with a valve that allows air to flow in while controlling the flow of milk. Attaches to a standard plastic soda bottle (20 oz. up to 2 liter). Well tolerated by crias.
CPT $2.75

image 60 cc Syringe
MSY60 $2.50
Feeding Tube Only CFTO, $3.00

Colostrx A colostrurn substitute in a single dose packet which mixes with warm water.

CCOL $18.00

Obstetric Sleeves
Shoulder length plastic sleeves. Fits either hand.

COBS $.50/pr

Replaces 7% iodine with the same efficacy.

MTRI  $6.50

Cria Birth Weights Temperature Heart Rate Respiration
Alpaca 8 - 23 lbs. 100 - 102.2° F 80 - 140 bpm 10 - 40
Llama 18 - 40 lbs. 100 - 102.2° F 80 - 90 bpm 10 - 40


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