image Burgon & Ball 3.5" 
Imported hand shears from Sheffield, England. Easy to use and comfortable to hold. A favorite among hand shearers.
GBB3 $32.50

Burgon & Ball 6.5" 
GBB6 $34.50


image Fiskars Softouch Shears
Ideal for use with weanling and fine, silky fleeces.
GFISK $19.50

Fiskars Sharpener
GFISH $9.00

Toe Nail Clippers
Lightweight, Teflon coated nail trimmers which stay sharp through many cuttings.
GTNC $16.50
Toe Nail Holster
GTNH $10.00

image Pin Brush
Strong wooden handle with long, rounded steel pins individually set into a heavy rubber pad. Ideal for surface grooming and cleaning of debris. Made in Germany.
GPIN $11.00

image Porcupine Brush
High quality boar bristle set in a long lasting rubber cushion with plastic pins. Great for surface grooming. Made in Germany.
GPOR $11.50

Groorna Rake
Hard plastic handle with 22 rotating, wobbling teeth which minimizes wool breakage while detangling.
GRO $10.50

image Mat Rake with Blades
10 serrated stainless steel blades are designed to rid the coat of mats and tangles. A favorite tool which truly works!
GMAT $12.50

Pin Mat Rake
Double row of stainless steel pins in "V" formation designed to remove tangles and mats.
GPMR $7.00

image Shedding Slicker
Curved head made of long and short pins to provide double action for better results. Ideal for both deep cleaning as well as for those last minute finishing touches. A new found favorite!
GSHE $11.00
Circuiteer II Blower and Dryer
An absolute necessity for show season or for blowing out dirt and debris prior to shearing your animals. The Circuiteer cuts grooming time in half. It is portable, lightweight and may be suspended, set on the ground or carried with an adjustable shoulder strap. Two high speed Lamb motor turbines can be used separately or together to choose temperature ..... 111C and blower pressure. Includes a 10' hose, blower tip and filter. A 115 volt utility outlet for clippers, or unit will act as a 20' extension cord. Replacement parts available for purchase.
GCR2 $325.00 (plus shipping)

image Mini Circuiteer
Provides all the blowing power you would expect of a small, compact portable unit! Great for last minute grooming touches. The Mini Circuiteer is lightweight and portable with an 18 gauge steel body, making it tough and durable. It includes a 10' hose with tip and filter. This model is powered by one Lamb two stage motor turbine.
GCRM $215.00 (plus shipping)

Circuiteer Filter Replacement
GCRF $6.00
Circuiteer Nozzle Replacement
GCRN $8.00
Circuiteer Hose Replacement
GCRH $48.00

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