A well fitting halter is vital to both the safety and comfort of your animal. These nylon halters are stylish and durable yet possess the flexibility and form necessary for a proper fit. Halters should be strong yet flexible so as not to cause abrasions on sketch the nose, chin or behind the ears. Both llamas and alpacas have a short nose bone, which when constricted or depressed by a loose nose piece or ill fitting halter, can cause injury or suffocation. The chin strap of our halters can be adjusted to properly fit your animal's nose, leaving ample room for two fingers to fit in a space between the bottom of the jaw and the T halter, yet ride high enough on the nose so as not to slip down into the danger area. The headpiece is buckled on the side with hardware that is not bulky or heavy, but rather sleek and lightweight. Seams are placed on the outside leaving the smooth finish against the animal's face. All halters are machine washable and are designed to adjust up or down to the next halter size as your animal grows.
Nylon Solid Halters
#632  Llama cria or Alpaca cria/ weanling  $12
#633  Weanling Llama or Yearling Alpaca  $12
#634  Yearling Llama or Adult Alpaca  $12
#635  Adult Llama  $12
#636  X-Large Adult Llama  $12
Llama with halter
Colors: Black, red, royal blue, navy, brown, burgundy, forest green, kelly green, gray, purple,tan.
Nylon lead colors
Alpaca with halter
Other colors are available on request as a special order. Call to inquire about customizing your halters with your farm colors.

Nylon Multi-Colored Halters
Our same top selling adjustable halter with multiple colors on one halter:
photoColors: Black/red, black/burgundy, red/royal/forest, black/purple, red/white/blue, burgundy/navy/silver gray. Christmas combinations and farm colors available on special order.
#634M  Yearling Llama or Adult Alpaca  $15
#635M  Adult Llama  $15
#636M  X-Large Adult Llama $15

See Matching Hand braided multi-colored leads to create a complementary halter/lead combination!
Nylon X Style Halters
Colors: Black

X32  Cria/Weanling Alpaca or Llama Cria $12
X33  Weanling Llama or Yearling Alpaca $12
X34  Weanling Llama or Adult Alpaca $12
X35  Adult Llama $12
X36  X-Large Adult Llama $12
Amish Leather Show Halters
A very supple 1/2 inch black leather cross style halter finely crafted by the Amish.
Small  Weanling/Yearling Alpaca  $22
Medium  Adult Alpaca, Yearling Llama  $22
Large  Adult Llama  $22
No halter should be left on for an extended period of time.

Nylon Round 7’ Derby Leads....Solids LRS  $8.00
Colors: Black, red, royal blue, navy, brown, burgundy, forest green,gray, kelly green, purple, red/white/blue
Nylon Hand Braided 6' Multi Colored Leads   LMR  $10.00
 Colors: Multiple colors hand braided into one lead:
Black/burgundy, black/purple red/white/blue, red/royal/forest,
black/red, burgundy/navy/silver gray
Nylon Flat Webbing 5'   LNF  $7.00
Colors: Black, red, royal blue, navy, brown, forest green, kelly
green, burgundy, purple, gray

Cotton Round Leads 6'   LCR  $6.00
Colors: White, white/red twist, white/blue twist, white/brown twist, white/green twist
Black Cotton Lead 7’   LCRB $8.00
Buckle end of lead is woven back through the lead itself to
alleviate a clamp.
Leather Flat Leads 6'  
LLF  $14.00
Colors: Black


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